Watch EEG Brainwave Activity of an Adult with ADD Listening to REI Drumming

In this video, I share real-time EEG brainwave activity of an REI client: an adult male with ADD. I show you how his brain entrains to an alpha state of consciousness and then becomes focused. I also show how his brain is exercised by REI drumming rhythms as part of the progressive stimulation aspect of the REI Custom Program.

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3 thoughts on “Watch EEG Brainwave Activity of an Adult with ADD Listening to REI Drumming”

  1. That is beautiful, Jeff. Thanks for sharing. Do you have a drumming session that I can use in my personal growth/creativity programs to help members (some of whom suspect they have ADHD but have not been diagnosed) to relax, entrain, focus and open their mind, to become more fluid and to avoid those gaps that disconnect as well as to increase retention and reduce overwhelm associated with learning new stuff and facing change?

    I may be asking for lots, but any help with these aspects to enhance learning/transformation experience would be great.


  2. I love this stuff Jeff…a lot of it goes over my head (no pun intended) however I find it all very interesting. I believe that rhythm plays a huge part in our existence and our health/wellness …I think we have only touched the tip of the iceberg on this subject and you are doing fantastic work in bringing it forward and to the attention of the masses. Keep it up please. I look forward to you emails always. Thank you.

  3. Susan Murphy Lamprecht

    I really enjoyed watching this video as it confirms what I have experienced during my use of Brain Shift Radio. Generally, my brain has always reacted positively to music since I was a child. So after being diagnosed with ADD later in life (at 49 years of age – now 55) it seriously makes sense to me that you can change the way the brain functions by means of certain rhythms and beats. I will look forward to getting to know this exciting and interesting world of new approaches to disorders such as ADHD, ADD and autism.

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