REI Focusing Rhythms

"I'm focusing better and getting a lot more done at work [since starting REI]. I can stay with a project a lot longer without climbing out of my skin. I'm also falling asleep easier and waking up much earlier in the morning."

Josh B. 22 year-old with ADD and sleep issues

Focusing Rhythms contains specialized rhythms and rhythmic techniques that have been shown in clinical trials to aid in increasing focused attention – in most cases taking just a few minutes to achieve. Focusing Rhythms is especially effective for people who experience problems maintaining focused attention or for anyone who just wants some help sustaining their attention on a specific task.

Focusing Rhythms
has three tracks on it, each with a slightly different effect. All of them will enhance focus but one may work best for you in one situation over another. 

The price for the download is only $29.

Focusing Rhythm includes:

  • Track #1. This track provides a general focus accompanied by mild calm for people anyone with a need to focus better.
  • Track #2. This track adds an element of deep centeredness for many people and is especially effective for high anxiety, impulsive listeners.
  • Track #3. This track creates a more intense focus and is especially effective for people that have exceptional difficulty focusing. It is also the most appropriate track for low arousal, inattentive types.

Focusing Rhythms can be used several ways:

  • Jumpstart your morning. Many people with attention issues have a difficult time transitioning from sleep to their day. Playing Focusing Rhythms first thing in the morning helps organize your brain and get you going.
  • Play it before you need to focus. Simply turn the recording at a low volume before you need to focus, such as before a test or before doing work that requires your attention, and begin once the recording is over.
  • Play it during your task to keep you focused. Play this CD as you work. The volume is critical for this purpose - if it’s too loud it will keep you from being able to focus because it will distract you. Set it at a volume where it won’t be “listened” to. It only needs to be loud enough for your  “primitive” brain to hear it. This means it should be quiet enough to fall below your awareness after just a couple of minutes.
  • Recharge your day. Many people with attention problems also have low energy, especially in the afternoon. Playing this CD when you feel tired will give you a boost by activating your brain.