REI Custom Program

The REI Custom Program Draws From Over Three Decades of Research

Rhythmic Entrainment Intervention™ (REI) is an auditory brain stimulation program that uses musical rhythm to stimulate and re-pattern neurological function. A unique blend of modern advances in brain research and ancient rhythmic techniques, REI facilitates long-term behavioral and cognitive improvement in individuals with neurological disorders.

REI was borne out of ethnomusicological research REI creator Jeff Strong began in the early 1980’s. For over a decade Mr. Strong immersed himself in time-tested rhythmic techniques, studying with traditional practitioners from around the world. He then extracted the core mechanisms of these techniques and began researching them in a controlled setting.

After 11 years of extensive clinical and scientific research, including several double-blind, placebo-controlled studies, Mr. Strong and the Strong Institute research staff identified hundreds of rhythmic combinations that correspond to specific behavioral and cognitive symptoms. This research resulted in two important findings:

  • Exposure to specific musical rhythm patterns elicits immediate calming and focusing effects.
  • Repeated exposure to these rhythms results in long-term behavioral and cognitive improvements.

The REI Custom Program was created in 2004. Careful collection and analysis of data have allowed the composition, protocols and efficacy of the program to continually evolve. The current REI Custom Program is the most effective presentation of REI to date.

The REI Custom Program is The Only Completely Custom-made Auditory Program

We learned early on while developing the REI Custom Program that each person responds to a different type and level of stimulus. Our first formal institutional study in 1994 used custom-made recordings, employing the same protocol as our earliest research. That is, REI creator Jeff Strong performed live for each subject while the listener's responses were tracked. A recording was made based on this data. This recording was then played once a day and adjusted as the listener progressed.

Jeff Strong talks about Progressive Stimulation for the REI Custom Program

This process has varied only slightly in the last 2 decades. Though Jeff rarely performs live for a client, our focus on customization is stronger than ever: We ensure you receive the progressive stimulation that meets your needs.

As you complete the REI Custom Program Intake process, we identify the major issues you face and create a map of the appropriate stimulation to meet your goals.

We use sophisticated algorithms to assemble the proper rhythms for your first REI Audio Track; each subsequent track is created in 14-day intervals according to your progression through the program.

This ensures the most efficient and effective program possible. Indeed, this is where we excel: Custom stimulation for optimal client improvement.


Join the Thousands Who Have Successfully Used This Innovative Program

Since 1994, the REI Custom Program™ has been used successfully by tens of thousands of people from around the world. Our clientele consists of both children and adults who come to us with a variety of conditions, including:

  • Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD, ADHD, AD/HD)
  • AutismAsperger's Syndrome
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Depression
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Pervasive Developmental Disorder
  • PTSD
  • Sensory Processing Disorders
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Traumatic Brain Injury

The REI Custom Program Is Easy to Use

Once you complete the intake, your online program is available almost immediately. Implementing the program is easy:

  • Play the designated REI track once a day.
  • Choose the same time or a different time each day, whichever fits your schedule.
  • Play the track quietly in the background while the listener engages in a quiet activity (reading or being read to, playing, eating, going to sleep, etc.). 
  • There is no need to actively listen to the music or to use headphones.
  • Enter your progress every 7-14 days, depending on your progress, to receive your next scheduled custom REI track.
  • Contact us anytime you have questions or concerns.

Remember: With the REI Custom Program, there is no need for any special equipment or even headphones (though you can use headphones if you wish). You simply play your session through any device.

The REI Custom Program Covers 10 Symptom Areas

Our premier program, the REI Custom Program draws from 10 symptom areas for people with multiple issues. The REI Custom Program intake will help us identify the scope and severity of your unique constellation of challenges. Your custom-made REI tracks are created to progressively work through the following areas:

  • Anxiety - Includes anxiety related issues.
  • Attention/focus/hyperactivity/executive function - Includes attention-related issues including the classic symptoms of ADD.
  • Behavioral issues - Includes issues such as aggression, compliance, tantrums, and others.
  • Cognitive issues - Includes symptoms related to cognition such as memory, reasoning, and others.
  • Language/communication - Includes issues related to language and communication including speech and writing.
  • Mood issues - Includes general mood issues as well as symptoms of depression and bipolar disorder.
  • Self-stimulatory behaviors - Includes behaviors such as rocking, flapping, toe-walking, vocal perseveration, and others,
  • Sensory Processing - Includes sensory defensive and sensory seeking behavior.
  • Sleep - Includes issues related to falling and staying asleep.
  • Social Interaction - Includes issues related to social interaction and engagement.

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