• Beyond Shamanism

Harness the Power of Ancient Shamanic Techniques

Utilize the Science of Altered States of Consciousness to Meditate, Visualize, and Manifest

Shamanic Practices Span the World

Shamanic practices around the world all have one thing in common - they utilize an altered state of consciousness. True shamans work to improve the health of an individual, the health of society, and their own health.

In this program, you will explore the history and science of core shamanism and practice traditional journeys. You will then go beyond shamanism by utilizing the drum and its rhythms to enhance your relationship with yourself and the world through energy work, visualizations, and more. Each of the drum-driven meditations will help you achieve specific brainwave states, the very heart of altered states of consciousness, where you will successfully attend to your energetic body.

Note: Considerable skill and experience is needed to act as a shamanic practitioner; this course does not teach techniques to help you facilitate others' shamanic and energetic experiences. 

All Shamanic Practices Comprise

Three Core Elements

This program introduces you to core shamanism - the three essential techniques used around the world among disparate cultures.

Altered State of Consciousness

Shamanic practitioners use techniques to alter their consciousness to open to alternate realities. 

Focused Visualization

Harnessing mental imagery to intuit and influence the world is a skill every shamanic practitioner employs.

Ceremonial Intent

Ceremonial intent allows shamanic practitioners to create a sacred space that facilitates a deeper experience.

Explore Core Shamanism

This program begins with an introduction to core shamanism. Core shamanism consists of three components: altered consciousness, visualization, and ceremonial intent. To facilitate the altered state--called the shamanic state of consciousness (SSC)--I use the drum. Practitioners around the world also use chemicals to achieve SSC, but I believe the drum and its rhythms provide more control over the latter two components of visualization and ceremony.

You will embark on traditional shamanic vision-quests--called journeys--to develop and clarify your inner vision. You will learn to set the space for your journeys through ceremony and intent. You will explore how to properly interpret your journeys so you can apply your knowledge to your life in a positive way.  

Go Beyond Core Shamanism

This course then goes beyond the confines of traditional core shamanism. I will expand on core shamanic techniques with variations on rhythm, tempo, and visualization to harness the power of shamanic ideas through meditation, creativity, intuition, problem-solving, and manifesting, among others. The drum-driven meditations will help you access specific brainwave states that will facilitate your work. 

I will explain the science supporting these techniques and examine the following concepts:

  • The neurology defining the shamanic state of consciousness
  • The drum as a vehicle for changing states of consciousness
  • How specific brainwave states enhance shamanic work
  • The impact of rhythm and tempo
  • How auditory driving and entrainment influence visualizations and meditations
  • The purpose of ceremony and how to create meaningful ceremonies
  • Why specific rhythms quiet your mind for successful meditations
  • How shamanic techniques can help you release anxiety and re-frame past trauma

When I first explored core shamanism, I was a miserable failure. I couldn’t sit still for very long (I have ADHD, in case you didn’t know). My visualizations made no sense and I struggled with how this technique related to my religious upbringing (conservative Christianity).

It wasn’t until I learned the science behind the core shamanism that I was able to embrace the power of shamanic techniques. By understanding the neurological basis for shamanism, I discovered how to utilize rhythm to help my brain achieve the shamanic state of consciousness (SSC). I also developed the skills to “see” in my visualizations and came to terms with the fact that my religious upbringing didn't have a connection with what I could achieve by exploring these techniques.     

Harness the Power of Shamanic Techniques in Your Life

In Beyond Shamanism, I combine age-old techniques with modern technologies that require minimal effort on your part (you won’t have to learn to play a drum). You will experience auditory driving, entrainment and the shifting of brainwave states -- each of which will profoundly impact your ability to meditate, visualize, and create.

You will discover that age-old shamanic techniques can counteract many of the problems we face with technology, social media, and sensory overwhelm in today’s world. By attaining the ability to direct altered states of consciousness and harness your mental focus, you will employ intentional “dreaming” and gain a deeper sense of self and mental mastery.

If you are a practitioner of meditation or affirmations (law of attraction, perhaps?) the tools you will discover in this program will take your practices to new levels of possibility.

Jeff Strong

Creator of Rhythmic Entrainment Intervention (REI)

About the Program Creator

Jeff Strong is the creator of Rhythmic Entrainment Intervention™ (REI) and the Director and CEO of the Strong Institute, a research center and provider of evidence-based custom auditory brain stimulation programs. He is also the co-founder of Brain Shift Radio, a streaming music site containing personalized music to enhance brain function.

Jeff is a percussionist, composer, recording engineer, researcher, clinician, and a sought-after expert on the therapeutic use of rhythm. He is the best-selling author of eight books, including AD/HD For Dummies and Different Drummer: One Man’s Music and Its Impact on ADD, Anxiety, and Autism.

The Beyond Shamanism Course Consists of 8 Modules

Beyond Shamanism takes the core concepts of an altered state of consciousness, focused visualization, and ceremonial intent and expands them to help you optimize your life. We can all harness the power of shamanic experience and techniques to achieve higher levels of well-being and success.

Module 1. Core Shamanism: Exploring Shamanism Around the World

Shamanic techniques have existed for tens of thousands of years among disparate cultures around the world. These practices developed across the globe, independently and with such similarity to suggest that the core concepts are universal to all humans. Videos in this module include:

  • Core Shamanism. This session introduces you to the core concepts of all shamanic practices: initiation through ceremony, entering an altered state of consciousness, and cultivating focused mental imagery.
  • Introducing the Shamanic State of Consciousness. All shamanic practices rely on a specific type of altered awareness called the shamanic state of consciousness (SSC). All shamanic cultures around the world have used one of two processes to access the SSC. One involves the ingestion of chemicals while the other relies on repetitive percussion. This session explores these techniques and compares the effects of both approaches to help you decide what is best for you.
  • Traditional Shamanic Journey. Shamanism is an earth-based spiritual practice with a belief in the power of spiritual archetypes inhabited by plants, animals, planetary cycles, and ancestors. In your first traditional journey you will meet a spirit helper that will walk with you on your shamanic path.
  • Troubleshooting Your Journey. This video troubleshoots any issues or questions you have about your first journey and offers tips for more success going forward.
  • Journey to retrieve energy. “Energy flows where attention goes”. When we are present we are mindful and aware of our current environment. For many of us, we are present very infrequently. More often we are either thinking about something that already happened in our past or worried about something that may happen in the future. This journey turns the traditional energy retrieval process on its head by having you explore where you spend your mental energy. Then you “retrieve” the energy from the past or future to be present now. This technique helps you identify when you waste your mental energy on past events that you can’t change and future fears (anxiety) that you have no control over.

Module 2. Core Shamanism:  Examining the Shamanic State of Consciousness

Shamanic practices around the world are the same because they employ techniques that are universally effective. Videos in this module include:

  • The Science of Drumming to Alter Consciousness. This session explores the scientific basis for the core components used among shamanic traditions. You will learn the neurology behind the percussion rhythm, the reason for ceremony, and the mechanism enabling imagery to influence you so deeply.
  • Comparing Drumming to Binaural Beat Technology. The key to the shamanic state of consciousness is a concept called auditory driving. Drumming is just one form of auditory driving. Binaural beat technology is another. This session compares these approaches and offers guidance on which may be better for you.
  • Drumming vs Psychedelic Substances. Though over 90% of shamanic practices rely on percussion to alter consciousness, some cultures employed psychedelic substances, such as ayahuasca and psilocybin. This session explores the difference between drums and drugs and offers guidance on which is best for you.
  • Percussion technique. All shamanic practices that use percussion rhythms to induce the desired altered state of consciousness use the exact same rhythm. This session examines this rhythm and shows you how to play it on a variety of traditional and non-traditional instruments. You don't need to be a drummer - the technique is super easy. Nor do you need a drum.
  • Journey for an Out-of-Body Experience. A close cousin to shamanic journey is a mystical, out-of-body experience. This session guides you on a process to journey through the openness of a mystical experience. 
  • Journey to Explore Earth Wisdom. Shamanism is an earth-based practice. Many shamanic practitioners connect to certain parts of the earth to access guidance and power. This session explores various types of earth connections.

Module 3. Core Shamanism:  Exploring the Power of Visualization

Mental imagery may teach you how you think and feel, but it can also transcend your own mind and influence the world around you. Videos in this module include:

  • Understanding the Role of Imagery in the Journeys. This session explores the power of visualization and how your thoughts can impact your future and those around you.
  • Interpreting Your journey. Mental imagery is personal. The images your mind produces are unique to you and it is your responsibility to interpret your imagery for yourself. This session will help you identify how you “see” and develop the vocabulary to understand what your mental imagery is telling you.
  • Journey for Your Soul’s Deepest Desires and Wisdom. What do you want? Truly want? On the deepest level? This session will help you to explore this question and, hopefully, discover the answer. This session employs a slower rhythm and a haunting drum.
  • Journey for a Healthy Body. By now you will understand the power that mental imagery can have on your mind and body. This session is a practical exploration on creating a positive body image to help you optimize your health. Practice visualizing a healthy body and determine what your body needs.

Module 4. Core Shamanism:  Harnessing the Power of Ceremony

The third core component in all shamanic practices is ceremonial intent - creating a sacred space for journeys. Videos in this module include:

  • Using Ceremony to Break Homeostasis. Ceremony is not so much about making you feel good, but more about setting your brain up for a successful brain change. This session explores the neurological processes involved in changing your brain state and breaking homeostasis.
  • Exploring Archetypes and Culture. Animal and nature spirits are universal archetypes from which shamanic practitioners draw. These may or may not resonate with you. This session will help you understand the role of archetype and culture on your shamanic path.
  • Journey to Connect with Ancestors and Elders. Take your journeys to another level by connecting with your ancestors and cultural elders.
  • Exploring Akashic Records. Akashic records are your spiritual databases that allow you to see your place in the world and can help you see your path forward in life. 
  • Journey to Access Your Akashic Records. This video takes you on a journey to access your akashic records.

Module 5. Beyond Shamanism:  Exploring Alternate Rhythms

The traditional shamanic percussion rhythm is highly repetitive. What happens when you vary this rhythm? Videos in this module include:

  • Variable Rhythms in Your Brain. Shamanic techniques have been around for tens of thousands of years. Even though this is a very short time in the scheme of human evolution, our brains have changed a lot on the last quarter century. This session explores how changing the rhythm impacts your brain.
  • Discover some alternate rhythms. Take your journeys to another level with these alternate rhythms. You will discover how to play these rhythms and widen the circle by playing along with me.
  • Journey with a 2:3 rhythm. This journey employs a traditional trance drumming rhythm using groupings of 2-beats followed by 3-beats. This 2:3 pattern will alter your journey experience.
  • Journey with a 2:2:3 rhythm. This journey employs a rhythm with groupings of 2-beats, 2-beats, and 3-beats. You will feel for yourself how varying the traditional rhythm impacts your ability to navigate an altered state.
  • Journey with variable 2:3 and 2:2:3 rhythms. This journey employs both the 2-beat, 3-beat rhythm and 2-beats, 2-beats, and 3-beats rhythm in a variable pattern. This variation on these trance rhythms will open you further to possibilities.

Module 6. Beyond Shamanism: Examining Variation of Tempos

The traditional shamanic percussion rhythm is played at about 4 beats-per-second. What happens when you speed up this rhythm? Videos in this module include:

  • Variations on Tempo. What happens when the rhythm speeds up or slows down? This session introduces you the world of possibilities that open when you experience tempos further up the theta range.
  • 5 Beats-per-second Journey for Clarity (intuition, guidance). What is your inner voice telling you? Can you hear it? This journey will bring you into the optimal brain state to turn up the volume on your inner voice so you can more clearly hear your intuitive messages.
  • 6 beats-per-second Journey for Creativity.  This journey employs the 2:3 and 2:2:3 rhythm from Module 5 and speeds it up to abut 6 beats-per-second to open your creative-thinking to alternate ways of looking at a project. If you ever find yourself lacking in creative ideas, try this meditation.
  • 7+ Beats-per-second Journey for Presence. This session explores the transition point between the theta and alpha states of consciousness. This is a powerful place to be because your nervous system is calm and receptive.

Module 7. Beyond Shamanism: Enhancing Meditation and Manifestation

Shamanic techniques are powerful additions to your manifestation, visualization, affirmation, and meditation practices. This session lets you feel this firsthand. Videos in this module include:

  • Shamanic Techniques for Mindfulness and MeditationMany of us struggle with an over-active mind when we meditate. We can quiet this activity by bringing your brain into the optimal state for meditation. This session introduces you to the process.
  • Journey for Mindfulness. Mindfulness means being in the present moment. This can be a challenge, as we are used to distraction and stimulation. This session gives your brain a chance to let go of the need for stimulus and allows you to be fully present.  
  • Journey for Deep MeditationGetting into a deep meditative state takes time and experience. Only those meditators who dedicate years, often decades, to developing a deep practice can achieve it on their own. Adding shamanic auditory driving techniques makes this process easy. This session will help you achieve this state.
  • Shamanic Techniques for Manifestation. You are always actively manifesting your life, whether or not you are aware of it. This session explores the two key pieces to successfully creating the life that you want: clarity and congruency.
  • Journey to Create the Life You Want.  This session guides you through the process of gaining clarity and congruency to create the life that you truly desire.

Module 8. Beyond Shamanism: Modern Therapeutic Approaches Using Shamanic Techniques

Shamanic techniques are finding their way into contemporary therapeutic approaches. This module shows you a few ways to utilize shamanic techniques for your emotional health. Videos in this module include:

  • Shamanic Re-framing. Re-framing trauma is a staple of many shamanic practices around the world. This session explores the many ways that re-framing can have a powerful healing effect.
  • Trauma Re-framing Journey Using a DrumIn this session, you will choose a traumatic event from your past and re-frame your experience.
  • Trauma Re-framing Journey Using Binaural BeatsThis session allows you to see for yourself how modern binaural beat technology works to alter your awareness. 
  • Using Shamanic Techniques to Identify and Release Anxiety. Anxiety is one of the most pervasive issues on the planet. This session explores how shamanic techniques can help you identify and release your anxiety. 
  • Identify and Release Anxiety JourneyThis session takes you on a journey to identify and release anxiety. 
  • Using Shamanic Techniques for FocusThis session lets you experience how faster, more complex drumming patterns can improve your focus. 
  • Drumming for Cognitive EnhancementTaking the rhythms another step up, this session shows you how adding unpredictability to the rhythms can increase cognition.

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The Beyond Shamanism Course Consists of 8 Core Modules.

Beyond Shamanism takes the core concepts of altered states of consciousness, focused visualization, and ceremonial intent and expands them to help you optimize your life. We can all harness the power of shamanic experience and techniques to achieve higher levels of well-being and success.

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