REI Calming Rhythms

"I have been trained in many 'listening' and music programs - and, to date, I have had the BEST therapeutic effect with REI. It is, by far, easier to implement than any other program, and from my perspective it has the most benefit and positive therapeutic changes!"

Theresa Garrison, OTR Occupational Therapist

Calming Rhythms contains specialized rhythms and rhythmic techniques that have been shown in clinical trials to aid in the reduction of anxiety - in most cases taking just a few minutes to achieve. Calming Rhythms is especially effective for people who experience chronic levels of anxiety, who frequently suffer from acute cases of anxiety, or who simply want to achieve a calm neurological state. This CD is effective for both individuals and groups.

Calming Rhythms has three tracks on it, each with a slightly different effect. All of them will create neurological calm but one may work best for you in one situation over another. 

The price for download is only $29.

Calming Rhythms includes:

  • Track #1. Many of our clients find that the first track is most beneficial for ending a tantrum or feelings of acute anxiety.
  • Track #2. This track adds an element of deep centeredness for many people and is especially effective for high arousal, easily over-stimulated listeners.
  • Track #3. This track creates a more focused calm, one that can aid with activities where you prefer to be attentive to what you are doing or thinking. It is also a more appropriate track for low arousal, slow-to-respond listeners.

Calming Rhythms can be used several ways:

  • Calm your nervous system. The most common use for this recording. Simply turn it on at a very low volume as described in the instructions and do a quiet activity such as reading, eating, resting, quietly playing, etc.
  • Reduce acute feelings of anxiety. Turn this recording on anytime you feel anxious or a listener experiences a tantrum. It usually takes just a few minutes to create calm.
  • Stop tantrums. The middle of the afternoon can be a challenging time for people on the autism spectrum and this often translates into an increase in tantrums and "acting out" behaviors. Playing Calming Rhythms in the afternoon when you see the early signs of a tantrum can help quell them. If you miss the onset of the tantrum and are in the middle of one, you can also turn the recording on. It will stop the tantrum in no time.
  • Calm your bedtime and fall asleep. Because alpha is the pre-sleep state of consciousness , bedtime is the perfect time to play Calming Rhythms to help your brain make the shift from your wakeful day to a nice restful sleep. The key to using this recording at bedtime is to turn it on when you turn out the light and set the volume especially low.  The recording shouldn’t be noticeable after a minute or two as you lay in bed. If it is, you may want to turn it down a bit more.