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3/5/13: Soundtrack for Acedemic Success Webinar video available

Whether you are at your desk or at your wit’s end, Brain Shift Radio can improve your focus and reduce your stress. This webinar will help you get the most out of BSR.

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12/2/13: For a limited time Save 30% on the REI Sleep Program

The REI Sleep Program is a 10-week program designed to help you fall asleep easily and develop the patterns to help you consistently sleep well.

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11/5/13: New Study on REI and Sleep

Strong Institute Director, Jeff Strong, describes how REI can impact sleep.

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10/2/13: Focus Improves by 31%: An update on the Brain Shift Radio attention tests

We launched our attention test a couple of weeks ago. So far, the number of tests taken is greater than the number of subjects in any other study exploring the effects of music on attention or cognition. This alone is a milestone. Add to this that the results are good so far and we're encouraged. 

Read the post on Brain Shift Radio here

7/25/13: Case Study: 5 year old female with SPD, PDD-NOS

Abby was a five-year-old female with Sensory Processing Disorder and PDD-NOS. She was adopted at 15 months and, according to the limited medical records available, may have had a minor brain injury or been sensorily deprived during her time at the orphanage. 

When Abby completed the REI Custom Program intake her issues were anxiety, inattention, language delay, sensory-seeking behavior, sensory aversion.

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About the Strong Institute

Under the direction of Institute Director and REI creator, Jeff Strong, the Strong Institute is the world's leading custom brain stimulation research and therapy center.

Since 1994, we have created custom-made auditory brain stimulation programs for individuals with neurobiological disorders. Rhythmic Entrainment Intervention (REI) is clinically-proven and evidence-based. REI has positively impacted tens-of-thousands of clients with a variety of conditions including, attention deficit disorder, autism, bipolar disorder, depression, chronic pain, insomnia, PTSD, sensory processing disorders, sleep disorders, stroke, traumatic brain injury, and others.

Custom-made Program

The REI Custom Program is the Strong Institute’s premier program and is designed to provide you with long-term improvements in the symptom areas you choose. Custom-made for each client, the REI Custom Program provides REI Audio tracks dynamically engineered in response to your weekly progress.

Choose the symptoms on which you would like to focus and fill out the custom intake form; your REI Custom Program will be ready for you almost immediately. Your daily and weekly online tracking directly contributes to your next REI Audio track creation. Therefore your program is constantly adjusting itself to keep pace with your progress. 

The complete REI Custom Program costs only $89 per month. You can learn more here.

Brain Shift Radio

Brain Shift Radio is a new innovation in music streaming and auditory brain stimulation that gives you unprecedented control over your experience.

Our dual stream technology not only allows you to tailor the mix for your best results, you also have control to choose tracks yourself, making the process engaging and fun. With over 100,000 therapeutic combinations available, you can experiment and find unique mixes that work just for you.

Brain Shift Radio subscriptions cost just $9.99/month (or $59.00/year). Learn more Brain Shift Radio here.

Generalized CDs

REI generalized CDs are designed for use on an episodic basis (that is, the positive response occurs each time the CD is used and lasts for up to six hours afterwards). Our Generalized CDs are cost-effective tools that are being used in tens-of-thousands of homes, schools, and institutions worldwide. Our current generalized recordings are:

Calming Rhythms
Focusing Rhythms
Sleep Rhythms
SI Series 8-CD set
Sensory integration Individual CDs

For Professionals

Authorized Provider Training
Train to become an Authorized REI Provider. Help your clients with REI programs and CDs while earning CEUs.
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REI Technology Licensing
License REI Technology for your clinic or practice and have a custom REI solution just for you.
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Studies and Papers
REI is an evidence-based program. Check out the Resources section to learn more.
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