The Strong Institute is a Leader in the Science of Applied Musical Rhythm.

“Our son is more cooperative, calm, focused, and makes fewer noises [since starting the REI Custom Program]. He is also showing more social interaction at school. He has talked more about friends and he’s initiating play with others.” 

Martha W. Mother of a 9 yer/old with ADHD

REI Custom Program

The REI Custom Program is a custom-created auditory brain stimulation program that uses musical rhythm to stimulate and re-pattern neurological function.

REI Audio CDs

REI Audio CDs are generalized recordings of REI drumming for immediate, episodic effects in the areas of calm, focus, sleep, and sensory processing.

Training Courses

Join our Authorized REI Provider network, add REI to your Sensory Integration work or learn to play the drum therapeutically in our many online courses.

Brain Stim Audio

Brain Stim Audio offers personalized auditory brain stimulation across seven music categories including, calm, focus, sleep, meditation, energy, uplift, and brain boost.

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“We would definitely recommend the REI Custom Program™ to other parents with children on the Autism Spectrum. We tried other therapies including the Gluten/Casein Free Diet and the Tomatis Listening Program with mixed results. We have definitely seen improvements with our son while on the REI Custom Program.”

David S. Father of a 9 year-old with autism"

I'm focusing better and getting a lot more done at work [since starting REI]. I can stay with a project a lot longer without climbing out of my skin. I'm also falling asleep easier and waking up much earlier in the morning."

Josh B. 22 year-old with ADD and sleep issues

"Since beginning the REI Program, My husband is less forgetful, more organized, and more cheerful. He's whistling for the first time in years, a sign that he's happy. He's taking the initiative to play his CDs everyday. I'm so grateful to have my old husband around again."

Barbara Z. Wife of 67 year-old with AD/HD and mood issues

“I would definitely recommend (the REI Custom Program™), absolutely. I think the children that have these certain issues benefit from all kinds of therapies and interventions and this is one we’ve seen-- like I said, the fog has lifted in so many ways. He seems so much sharper."

Nancy D. Mother of a 7 year-old with PDD

“I’m sleeping, dreaming and waking up fresh. My depression has lifted completely. Although I’m 52, I’m feeling like I’m back at 27. Thank you for giving me my life back!"

Marsha M. 52 year-old with sleep and mood issues