ADHD for Dummies 2nd Edition Featured in Santa Fe New Mexican Article

From the Article:

Jeff Strong might never have stumbled onto his decadeslong clinical research career if he’d been a better student.

Now 61 and a Lamy resident, Strong was in music school in Los Angeles in the ’80s.

“I was struggling with my academics and got diagnosed with ADHD,” said Strong, a percussionist who initially went on medication to treat his attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder but hated the way it made him feel.

Then he discovered a hack that made all the difference. He started doing sight-reading exercises — training that helps musicians practice playing from sheet music they’ve never seen before — just before turning to his more academic studies.

“I found that if I did that before I did my book work, I actually studied better,” Strong said. “I actually played better, and my grades went up.”

Strong never forgot about that tactic, and eventually he went from touring with bands to conducting clinical studies on how musical rhythm affects the brain, and later founding Strong Institute Inc., which offers tools for rhythm-based therapy.

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