Learn to Play Drumming Rhythms to Calm Anxiety

In this video, I walk you through a transcript of the rhythms I played for my video “Jeff Strong Calms Anxiety with Complex Drumming”. I describe my thought process for the composition and explain why the rhythms are not in 4/4 time.

Download the rhythm study PDF here https://simedia.s3.amazonaws.com/pdfs/Jeff-Strong-Calm-Anxiety-Rhythm-Study.pdf

You may watch my previous video and download and stream the free REI Calm for Anxiety track here: https://www.stronginstitute.com/calm-for-anxiety/

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2 thoughts on “Learn to Play Drumming Rhythms to Calm Anxiety”

  1. Can I do this by just improvising? For instance, improvising a few bars of 6/4 then maybe two of 7/4 back to 6/4 for a while then 7 or 5/4. Just improvising the rhythms, but sticking to a 6/4 then 7/4 count sequence? Hope you understand what I mean.


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