This is a classic REI track. It is played at roughly 8 bps (beats per second) and will sink you into an alpha state of consciousness, a relaxed-alert state. Not entirely in 4/4 time, the shifting rhythms and varying time signatures are an intrinsic component of REI content.  

Calm Your Anxiety with This REI Audio Track

REI Calm for Anxiety. Play this track quietly in the background:

  • Whenever you feel anxious.
  • At bedtime to fall asleep.
  • Anytime to create a calm environment. 

Important Volume Setting Guidelines

All REI content is designed to be played at a very low volume. Please begin the track and bring the volume all the way down to zero. Then bring the volume up until it is just barely audible. The music should drop out of your awareness after just a few minutes. You do not need to hear every nuance of the track, nor do you need to actively listen to the track.

Do not play the track when you are also playing tv, radio, or video that contain soundtracks.

If you have any questions about the Calm for Anxiety Track, please contact us at 800-659-6644 or [email protected].