Is 3 Beats-Per-Second the Best Tempo for Dissociative Out of Body Experiences?

A recent article in Nature suggests that when someone is experiencing a dissociative state (also known as an Out-of-body experience) the rhythm deep inside their brain is a 3 beat-per-second rhythm. Mind you, the article is based upon a single human subject with a seizure disorder whose brain stimulation implant induced the 3 beat-per-second rhythm at the beginning of the subject’s epileptic seizure. The beginning of a seizure commonly contains an aura— a host of symptoms that can include out-of-body sensations, dizziness, and hallucinations, among other physical symptoms.

But what if a 3-beats-per second tempo could be beneficial for meditation? This is a much slower tempo than the traditional 4 beat-per-second shamanic rhythm used to achieve an altered state of consciousness. In this video, we do an experiment so you can see if a 3 beat-per-second rhythm allows you to achieve a dissociative state or out-of-body experience.

Keep in mind that brainwave entrainment to such a deep state can take time to achieve. Download the track below and try it a few times to see if you are able to have a more profound experience over time.

3 Beat-per-second drumming for an out-of-body experience.

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