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Optimize Your Day with the Right Music

Music is an important part of our lives.

What if we choose the music we listen to more intentionally, with specific goals in mind? Instead of choosing music out of habit or as background filler, music can be played strategically to enhance brain function.

In this video I describe how I choose music throughout the day to support the activities I do. For example, slow, repetitive patterns enhance my meditations; novel, complex music focuses my mind; alpha tempos with mild variability calm me; and sparse, slowly evolving tones empty my mind and prepare me for sleep.

Find out how you can optimize your day by choosing the best music for you.

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Create a More Positive Attitude with This Drumming Meditation Focused on Gratitude

Jeff Strong plays mid-theta tempos rhythms on a gonga drum to help you access a deep well of gratitude. Do this exercise regularly and watch your overall attitude improve.

Learn more about my auditory brain stimulation programs at https://www.stronginstitute.com/rei-custom-program/

Learn how to use techniques like these in my Drum Healing course at https://www.stronginstitute.com/training-courses/drum-healing-course/

Join REI Creator Jeff Strong in his course: Drumming the Chakras: A deep-dive into the spiritual side of drumming

We’re excited to announce that REI Creator Jeff Strong has a new drumming course: Drumming the Chakras.

Drumming the Chakras explores the spiritual side of drumming using the chakra energy system as a point of reference. This 5-week, 10-module course is a deep-dive into rhythms and techniques that stimulate, open, and balance the chakra system and auric field. This course is also a deep-dive into how to use drumming to access your spiritual power.

Jeff also provides a ton of meditations and exercises to help you discover the nuances of how your chakras are running and how to optimize them for your personal growth.

Learn more here: https://www.stronginstitute.com/drum-healing/chakra-offer/