REI Custom Program Monthly

$89.00 / month

This is our REI Custom Program subscription program for our 10-symptom all-inclusive program. Sign up today and cancel anytime.

The REI Custom Program is a home-based auditory brain stimulation program that uses musical rhythm to stimulate and re-pattern neurological function. A unique blend of modern advances in brain research and ancient rhythmic techniques, the All-inclusive REI Custom Program facilitates long-term improvement across ten symptom areas.

Your REI Custom Program is created just for you based on a comprehensive online intake process. The All-inclusive REI Custom Program Determines your needs across 10 symptom areas. The unique composition and severity of your symptoms will be our guide in crafting your REI Custom Program. Symptom areas where we see improvements with the REI Custom Program include:

  • Anxiety – Includes anxiety-related issues.
  • Attention/focus/hyperactivity – Includes attention-related issues including the classic symptoms of ADD.
  • Behavioral issues – Includes issues such as aggression, compliance, tantrums, and others.
  • Cognitive issues – Includes symptoms related to cognition such as memory, reasoning, and others.
  • Language/communication – Includes issues related to language and communication including speech and writing.
  • Mood issues – Includes general mood issues as well as symptoms of depression and bipolar disorder.
  • Self-stimulatory behaviors – Includes behaviors such as rocking, flapping, toe-walking, vocal perseveration, and others.
  • Sensory Processing – Includes sensory defensive and sensory seeking behavior.
  • Sleep – Includes issues related to falling and staying asleep.
  • Social Interaction – Includes issues related to social interaction and engagement.

Once you begin, the REI Custom Program’s interactive online platform and tracking ensures that you are always getting the stimulation that you need based on your real-world performance. Remember, each new track of your program is dynamically engineered in response to your weekly progress.

Program Payment Options

12 months, 6 months, Monthly