REI Custom Calm Program


The REI Custom Calm Program is a home-based auditory brain stimulation program that uses musical rhythm to stimulate and re-pattern neurological function. A unique blend of modern advances in brain research and ancient rhythmic techniques, REI facilitates long-term improvement in anxiety.

Custom created for you based on your unique form of anxiety: this is the key to our program. Whether you experience panic attacks or your child displays tantrums, or you feel a constant underlying sense of dread or your child constantly worries, we deliver the proper stimulus to achieve your goal of lower anxiety and a more functional life.


The REI Custom Calm Program is a 6-week auditory brain stimulation program to reduce anxiety.

We all experience stress. We may have an unusually difficult day or worry about a particular event. We feel anxious, yet we bounce back.

Many of us, however, carry the anxiety with us every day. Sometimes it’s subtle but other times it is disruptive or even debilitating. Every time it’s something we want to gain more control of. If you or your child experience any of the following, the REI Custom Calm Program is made for you.

Anxiety Could Be Impacting Your Life if:

  • You Worry All the Time.
  • You Feel an Underlying Sense of Unease or Dread.
  • You Avoid Certain Social Situations.
  • You Have Panic Attacks.
  • You Get Angry or Frustrated.
  • You Feel Paralyzed by Fear or Uncertainty.

Anxiety Could Be Impacting Your Child’s Life if:

  • Your Child Throws Tantrums.
  • Your Child Becomes Unresponsive or Retreats into a Shell.
  • Your Child Worries Excessively.
  • Your Child Won’t Let You Out of His Sight.
  • Your Child Avoids or Wants to Avoid Certain Places or Situations.