The REI Custom Sensory Processing Program

The REI Custom Sensory Program is a home-based auditory brain stimulation program that uses musical rhythm to stimulate and re-pattern neurological function. A unique blend of modern advances in brain research and ancient rhythmic techniques, REI facilitates long-term improvement in sensory processing.

Custom created for you based on your unique sensory processing profile: this is the key to our program. Whether you experience auditory or tactile sensitivities, poor coordination or balance, or issues with spatial orientation, we deliver the proper stimulus to achieve your goal of proper sensory integration and more functional life.

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How we process sensory information dictates how we interact in the world. Whether we are overwhelmed or are unable to perceive or discern sensory input, those of us with sensory processing issues are often unable (or in some cases unwilling) to function easily in the world. We avoid difficult situations. We act out. We are at the mercy of stimulus we cannot control.

Anybody who has sensory issues is going to fall into one of two camps:

  1. Hypersensitive: To be anxious or overwhelmed or shut down and retreat from sensory input.
  2. Hyposensitive: To be under-responsive and unable to discern the subtleties of sensory input.

Everyone with sensory sensitivities is in one of these two camps. And sometimes, we are in both of these camps; we might have hypersensitivity in one area, hyposensitivity in another area.

The REI Custom Sensory Processing Program evaluates each of your sensory responses and addresses them one by one.

If a client is hypersensitive, for example, we will first establish a calm neurological state so that she can become more receptive to sensory input. We will then address the intricacies of her hypersensitivities. Perhaps the sensitivity is auditory, where loud noises, unexpected sounds, or just a lot of noise, as in a restaurant, sends the child over the edge. The noise doesn’t have to be loud; but it may, nevertheless, be too much to filter and discriminate from. Or perhaps, the sensitivity is tactile, where certain textures are uncomfortable and certain clothes too tight-fitting. Or perhaps, a client struggles with proprioception or vestibular sensitivities.

The presentation of sensitivities is unique to each individual client. Your custom tracks will reflect your unique needs.