Four Bodies One Blessing

by Denise Andes and Jeff Strong

In this transformational CD, Denise and Jeff lead you into the body through the innovative synthesis of shamanic traditions, rhythm-healing practices, and therapeutic guidance.

The integration of the four bodies - mind, body, emotions, and spirit - can allow us to experience the inner peace that lives within all of us. Four Bodies, One Blessing was created to bring about change within ourselves. As we become more grounded in our bodies, we are then able to be in our lives with purpose and connection. This leads to deeper self-awareness and responsibility. 

Each track that Denise and Jeff created was thoughtfully arranged and the instruments were carefully chosen to specifically address each of the four bodies.

Track 1: Invocation

Track 2: Mind

Track 3: Body

Track 4: Emotions

Track 5: Soul

Track 6: Blessing