Strong Institute

Creators of Rhythmic Entrainment Intervention™

REI Custom Program Tracks

Click your track title, below, to play or download your current track. Only play your current track once a day. 

REI Custom Program Track Feedback

Please complete track feedback in the following instances:

  1. After 7-14 days of listening. Your feedback will help us make your next track.
  2. If, after listening for at least 4 days, you see negative effects. Your feedback will help us advise you on how to proceed.

Bonus Audio Tracks

Click your track title, below, to play or download the bonus audio track. You may play these anytime you want episodic results.. 

BSR Noisy Room Sleep: A great track to fall asleep to.

BSR Big Round Calm: A calming track with a soft, comforting ambient mix.

BSR Revving Up Focus: A focusing track great for getting started on a project.

BSR Powernap Mix: A nice mix that will drop you in and draw you out of a 20-minute nap.

BSR Energy Boost: A track to boost your energy.

BSR Memory Boost: A focusing track designed to help you retain information - great for when you work or study.

BSR Mood Lifter: An uplifting track to balance your mood.