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"The Drum Healing Course is about intentional drumming… drumming with a purpose.

It does not focus solely on technique but rather lays the foundation for creativity and expansion of your own drumming practice, no matter what level you are on.  It teaches you beats which you can use to affect your own inner world of mental and emotional health and clarity as well as how to be a positive force on the lives of others thru drumming. 

But not only the beats…  you will also learn how to morph and change them… play with them and, from them, create your own unique style of healing drumming.

Expect to walk away from this course with foundational tools that you will use for the rest of your lifelong drumming practice."

Arthur S.

Do You Want to Play the Drum For Healing?

Have you been in a drum circle and felt something powerful? Regardless of your previous experience or drumming skill, I’ll bet you left feeling great. You were relaxed and in the zone. Then you got home and didn’t know where to go from there.
Have you been drawn to the drum and not known where to start? You instinctively know that there is something to the drum and the power of drumming.

Have you been a client, an REI Provider or simply listened to my music and wished to see what it would feel like to pick up a drum yourself?

Have you tried to meditate and found your mind jumping all over the place? You have an active mind and emptying it doesn't feel natural to you.

You're not alone. This was me 35 years ago. Then I met a teacher who changed my world. So much so that I dedicated my entire professional life to taking what he taught me and turning it into a therapeutic practice. With this knowledge I've:

  • Written two books on drumming and drum healing, including Different Drummer: One Man's Music and Its Impact on ADD, Anxiety, and Autism.
  • Released over 30 CDs using the techniques I learned.
  • Spoken at 100s of conferences on the power of drumming.
  • Created dozens of auditory programs employing drumming to influence the brain and behavior.
  • Co-founded a popular streaming, prescriptive music site containing personalized music to help with calm, focus, sleep, energy, cognition, and meditation.

I've distilled the foundations of drum healing across time and tempo into my Drum Healing Course so that you, too, can feel the transformational power of playing a drum. You don't need to take it to the extreme I have, though.

Explore the Roots of Therapeutic Drumming

In 1983, I met a teacher that changed my life. Lloyd was a master drummer, healer, and my mentor. He showed me a world of drumming that I didn’t know existed.

When I first met Lloyd, I was studying percussion at the Musician’s Institute. I had also just completed a 50-week tour with a rock band and had 4 solid years as a professional drummer playing a variety of styles.

Needless to say, I was no stranger to drumming and rhythm.

But I had yet to fathom the power that the drum could have on players and listeners. With Lloyd, I experienced how drumming becomes the foundation for a healing ceremony, ultimately determining its success (or not). I watched as Lloyd corrected behaviors with his rhythms. I was tutored on how to use core rhythms in improvisation to heal another person. 

The lessons I learned from Lloyd settled into my soul and eventually drove me to a 35 year career (so far) pushing the bounds of drumming and its clinical application to influence the brain and behavior.

Since 1992, my music has been used by hundreds of thousands of people to help calm, focus, sleep, meditate, create, energize, and uplift.

Up until 2015, I rarely shared my background and techniques with others. Writing my book, Different Drummer, shifted my desire to do more than just scratch the surface.

So I created my online Drum Healing Course. With it, I tried to convey the core aspects of my studies with Lloyd and my other teachers, offering some powerful techniques, history and rhythms, and opening the door to a deeper healing than is available in a drum circle or shamanic practice.

My Drum Healing Course is the missing link.

Here, you will transform with the rhythms as they pulse through your entire body.

As you learn the rhythms and techniques and feel the drive of the rhythms, you will have the true experience of the drum. I will mentor and instruct. We will play. You will feel the impact of my Gonga drum’s bass.

For six weeks, we will explore the roots of rhythm healing. Experiential. Immersive. Kinesthetic. We will move through cultures and history and into the science and clinical application of rhythm.

Jumping from Shamanism, Shango, and trance drumming, I will bring you into the deep seat of rhythm healing.

You will understand why certain rhythms calm the body while others focus the brain.

You will learn how to play the drum for healing and self-care.

You will feel the power of the drum in your mind and your body.

I will play. You will play, meditate, journey, and heal. This is the very root of rhythm, the core of being one with the drum.

At the Strong Institute, we call rhythm healing by other names: auditory driving, brain stimulation, specificity, and synchronization. There is a little bit of entrainment, too. No matter how you play it, the rhythms will drive your brain and your body toward health and wellness.

Geared toward drummers – and soon-to-be-drummers - of all levels, the Drum Healing Course swings open the doors to a profound relationship with rhythm.

Discover how the drum can change your body, your mind, and settle its rhythms deep into your heart.

The Drum Healing Course covers everything.

Join this online course and play the drum with me!

“I'm discovering more about myself...”

“The drumming meditations have been powerful for  me. I'm discovering more about myself. Thanks for including these in the course. It makes the entire process easier for me."

Barbara T.

Dancing with Spirit

"The drumming resonated deeply within me as I discovered a freedom of "dancing with Spirit" through drumming that I had never experienced in a lifetime of professionally playing piano as a school teacher and performer."

Terri W.

The Drum Healing Course is Presented in a 3-Tiered Structure

The Drum Healing Course will help you to gain much more than you would in a live setting. Aside from the extra time to practice and integrate, this weekly format allows me to provide you with a 3-tiered structure. Each week you will receive:


Explore the history, science and my experiences from over 30 years exploring drum healing.


Learn rhythms to help you progressively develop your drum healing skills.


Deepen your personal connection with drumming meditations using the rhythms presented in the module.

The Drum Healing Course Consists of 6 Core Modules

The Drum Healing Course is designed to offer an experiential, practical and esoteric understanding of rhythm and its healing benefits. You will learn to play the rhythms. You will feel the impact of rhythm in your body and your psyche. And driven by the drum, you will meditate without effort.

The program is designed to meet you at your drumming skill level.

  • If you are an absolute beginner (or don't even know if you want to really learn), this program offers from-the-ground-up instruction on technique.
  • If you are an intermediate player, you will find detailed instructions and inspiration to move your drumming to the next level.
  • If you are an expert player, you will find a ton of rhythms and techniques that will challenge and inspire you.

Pre-course Content: Getting Started with Drums and Drumming

The pre-course content section introduces you to the course and the approach I will take in each module. In this section you will:

  • Discover this course.
  • Explore a variety of drums and drumming styles.
  • Understand music notation and the language of drumming.
  • Get started on your bonus REI Custom High Performance Program.

Module 1: Introducing Drum Healing

Drumming has been used for tens of thousands of years by people from every corner of the globe. In this module you will:

  • Explore how drumming has been used therapeutically around the world and across time.
  • Discover three styles of drumming, representing nearly all types of drum used around the world.
  • Get to know four basic drum strokes used for every drumming style.
  • Develop technique with 16th-note and 8th-note-triplet patterns.
  • Meditate: Getting grounded and becoming present.

Module 2: Discovering Shamanic Drumming

Shamanism is the world's oldest form of healing, and the drum is an integral part. In this module you will:

  • Explore the history of shamanism around the world. 
  • Distill the shamanic drumming traditions to a core technique.
  • Develop technique with a variety of paradiddles.
  • Meditate: Connect with a spirit helper.
  • Bonus - Meditate: Journey to gather your energy.

Module 3: Taking a Look at Trance Drumming

Trance drumming consists of mid-theta rhythms designed to facilitate and open inner-awareness, creativity, and intuition. In this module you will:

  • Discover how you can employ varying levels of theta for intuition, creativity, and problem-solving.
  • Develop technique with a 5/8 meter trance rhythm at about 5-5.5 beats per second.
  • Develop technique with a circular 4/4 meter trance rhythm.
  • Develop technique with a 5/8 meter trance rhythm based on a song you'll know.
  • Meditate: 9/8 rhythm to turn up the volume on your intuition.
  • Bonus - Meditate: 7/8 rhythm for intuition to demonstrate a difference from the previous meditation.

Module 4: Exploring Ceremonial and Community Drumming

Ceremonial and community drumming contains so much more than the drum circle. In this module you will:

  • Explore the connection between traditional ceremonial drumming practices and the modern drum circle, including what's going on in the brain as you drum.
  • Develop technique with a traditional 4/4 meter ensemble pattern and morph it into a composite rhythm you can play alone.
  • Develop technique with a traditional 12/8 meter ensemble pattern and morph it into a composite rhythm you can play alone.
  • Understand how clave' is essential to African, Cuban and Brazilian drumming.
  • Meditate: Access your personal power.

Module 5: Introducing Specificity

Specificity is the use of drumming rhythms to have a prescribed impact on the listener. In this module you will:

  • Discover how certain rhythms can impact your energy centers regardless of tempo.
  • Develop technique with 2-bar patterns for each of the seven chakra energy centers.
  • Meditate: Balancing your chakra energy system.

Module 6: Exploring Rhythm Healing

This module explores the blend of specificity, entrainment, and novelty; they will take your drumming to another level. In this module you will

  • Dig deeper into rhythm-healing and specificity.
  • Discover how to create a calm neurological state, including a 16-bar rhythm study. 
  • Learn to create a focused neurological state, including a 16-bar rhythm study. 
  • Explore rhythms and their relationships to archetypes of traditional drumming practices.
  • Meditate: Defining and refining your boundaries.

“Amazing, Uplifting, Expanding...”

"Words actually don't do justice to describing Drum Healing. It is amazing, uplifting, expanding....!!!  I am coming away with a greater awareness and appreciation for what drumming will do. I would recommend this to anyone!"

Lynn W.

“I see my limitations melting away…”

"I wanted to drop you as note to tell you how amazing the drumming course is. I see my limitations melting away. My meditations are deeper and my mind is clearer." 

Bill K.

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Bonus 1: Brain Shift Radio Mixes ($69 Value)

The most popular mixes from my streaming music site Brain Shift Radio.

  • Big Round Calm: A calming track with a soft, comforting ambient mix.
  • Noisy Room Sleep: A great track to fall asleep to.
  • Revving Up Focus: A focusing track great for getting started on a project.
  • Powernap Mix: A nice mix that will drop you in and draw you out of a 20-minute nap.
  • Energy Boost: A track to boost your energy.
  • Memory Boost: A focusing track designed to help you retain information - great for when you work or study.
  • Mood Lifter: An uplifting track to balance your mood.

Bonus 2: Different Drummer Book ($10 Value)

A digital version of my memoir, Different Drummer: One Man's Music and Its Impact in ADD, Anxiety and Autism, exploring drumming traditions and the development of my drumming therapy, Rhythmic Entrainment Intervention (REI).

Bonus 3: Six Bonus Meditations ($197 Value)

Harness more healing power with these six bonus meditations:

  • Bonus Meditation #1: Gains and Gratitude. This meditation uses the Bodhran played about 6 bps to help you mark your gains and feel gratitude toward your progress.
  • Bonus Meditation #2: Practicing non-resistance. This meditation uses a clay-pot udu drum played at about 5.5 bps to help you put on a glass body and become less reactive to the energies of those around you.
  • Bonus Meditation #3: Exploring Security. This meditation uses my favorite Gonga drum played at about 8 beats per second to help you get a sense of your relationship with physical, emotional, and financial security.
  • Bonus Meditation #4: Defining Boundaries. This week's bonus meditation uses a large Udu drum played at about 7 beats per second to help you explore your boundaries. 
  • Bonus Meditation #5: Running Psychic Energy. This week's bonus meditation uses a Bodhran played middle-eastern style using the shamanic rhythm at about 3.5 bps with a meditation to help you run your psychic energy and balance your chakras.
  • Bonus Meditation #6: Conscious Creation. This week's bonus meditation uses a Bodhran played middle-eastern style at about 6 bps with a meditation to help you discover the essence of a goal for conscious creation.

Answers To Your Questions About This Course

Here are the three most common questions people have about the Drum Healing Course:

Q: What if I can't make it to the weekly session?

A: No problem. When the content for each week is released, it is available in your account and remains there indefinitely. You can watch each video whenever you choose, as often as you choose. You also receive lifetime access to the course, including any updates as they become available.

Q: Do I need a drum?

A: No, you can use a hardcover book to do all the exercises and learn all the techniques in this series. Because you have life-time access to the materials in this program, you can re-visit any of the exercises once you find a drum. Also, because I cover three styles of drumming (see next answer), as you add more drums to your collection, you have the resources to learn to play them, too.

Q: What style of drum(s) are you covering?

A: This program shows you how to play in three common styles. These represent most of the hand drums played around the world. They are:

Barrel or Goblet-Shaped Drums

Tar-style frame drum

Lap-played frame drum

Jeff Strong
Creator of Rhythmic Entrainment Intervention (REI)

About the Program Creator

Jeff Strong is the creator of Rhythmic Entrainment Intervention™ (REI) and the Director and CEO of the Strong Institute, a research center and provider of evidence-based custom auditory brain stimulation programs. He is also the co-founder of Brain Shift Radio, a streaming music site containing personalized music to enhance brain function.

Jeff is a percussionist, composer, recording engineer, researcher, clinician, and a sought-after expert on the therapeutic use of rhythm. He is the best-selling author of eight books, including Drums For Dummies and Different Drummer: One Man’s Music and Its Impact on ADD, Anxiety, and Autism.

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