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“I’m sleeping, dreaming and waking up fresh. My depression has lifted completely. Although I’m 52, I’m feeling like I’m back at 27. Thank you for giving me my life back!"- Marsha M. 52 year-old with sleep and mood issues

Do You Have Trouble Falling or Staying Asleep?

We all have trouble sleeping occasionally. We miss a night of sleep, yet we bounce back.

Many of us, however, have chronic sleep problems. If you or your child experience any of following, the REI Custom Sleep Program is made for you.

• You often have trouble falling asleep.

• You wake frequently at night.

• Your sleep patterns change often.

• You wake too early in the morning.

• You experience leg pain or an intense urge to move them at night.

• You don't feel rested upon waking.

• You are tired throughout the day.

• You fall asleep when you don't want to.

Your REI Custom Sleep Program Is Created Just For You

Whether you experience restless sleep, night-waking, morning grogginess, or any combination of sleep challenges. we will create the optimal program to help you accomplish your goals.

Musical Rhythm Can Improve Sleep in Profound Ways

At the Strong Institute, we begin with calm. We use musical rhythm to bring the nervous system to a calm neurological state so that we can then influence the brain and behavior.

Our initial clinical research on Rhythmic Entrainment Intervention (REI) looked at the key components of ancient drumming techniques found around the world. We asked, what happens if we remove the cultural influences? Does rhythm still have an impact? What is going on with the brain in response to musical rhythm?

The history of REI may have its roots in ancient drumming techniques, but the transformation of these techniques into a contemporary therapeutic tool began with my own struggles.

I have ADHD and a history of sleep issues. When I was first studying how rhythm has been used therapeutically around the world, I was struggling in college. I began to experiment with rhythms, filtering them through the lens of my own inability to focus, my hyperactivity, my anxiety, and, as well, my problems sleeping. I found that certain rhythms helped me immensely: I was focused, calm, and sleeping well.

Through the years, I came to understand that these symptoms commonly co-exist; nearly anyone who has problems sleeping also has issues with anxiety, mood, and cognition. REI has addressed the spectrum of sleep issues for over 25 years, and our clients present the full rainbow of sleep problems and its associated issues.

Your REI Custom Sleep Program Focuses on Improving Your Sleep Patterns

Quality sleep often leads to improvements in a variety of other areas including:

• Anxiety

• Mood

• Focus and Attention

• Stress tolerance

• Energy

• Memory

• Sociability

• Sensory sensitivity

    Your Complete Sleep Solution

    REI Custom Sleep Program

    The REI Custom Sleep Program is a home-based auditory brain stimulation program that uses musical rhythm to stimulate and re-pattern neurological function. A unique blend of modern advances in brain research and ancient rhythmic techniques, REI facilitates long-term improvement in sleep.

    Custom created for you based on your unique sleep pattern profile: this is the key to our program. Whether you experience restless sleep, night-waking, morning grogginess, or any combination of sleep challenges, we deliver the proper stimulus to achieve your goal of restful sleep and a more functional life.

    Once you begin, the REI Custom Program's interactive online platform and tracking ensures that you are always getting the stimulation that you need based on your real-world performance. Each new track of your program is dynamically engineered in response to your weekly progress.