REI Custom Focus Program

6-Week Program to Improve Attention, Cognition, and Executive Function

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"Rhythmic Entrainment Intervention is the best intervention we‘ve tried for our son. Thank you for making this therapy available!" - Helen G. Mother of a 9 year-old with autism

Do You Struggle to Sustain Your Attention or Accomplish Daily Tasks?

We all have trouble focusing sometimes. Significant trouble sustaining attention, however, can be a sign of the brain-based condition ADHD (ADD, AD/HD). The REI Custom Focus Program was created from over 25 years of clinical research to improve attention, cognition and executive function.  

If you or your child experience any of following, the REI Custom Focus Program is made for you.

Inattention or Poor Executive Function Could Be Impacting Your Life if:

• You Have Trouble Finishing Projects.

• You Are Easily Distracted.

• You Are Forgetful.

• You Have Poor Listening Skills.

• You Are Easily Angered.

• You Feel Restless.

• You Are Often Late.

• You Have Trouble Prioritizing Tasks.

REI Custom Focus Program

Your 6-Week Attention Solution

The REI Custom Focus Program is a home-based auditory brain stimulation program that uses musical rhythm to stimulate and re-pattern neurological function. A unique blend of modern advances in brain research and ancient rhythmic techniques, REI facilitates long-term improvement in cognition, attention, and executive function.

Custom created for you based on your unique focusing capabilities: this is the key to our program. Whether you experience inattention, distractibility, impulsivity, or poor executive function, we deliver the proper stimulus to achieve your goal of improved focus and cognitive control.

Once you begin, the REI Custom Program's interactive online platform and tracking ensures that you are always getting the stimulation that you need based on your real-world performance. Each new track of your program is dynamically engineered in response to your weekly progress.

The REI Custom Focus Program is a Complete Solution

This comprehensive 6-Week anxiety-busting program consists of:

• 6 Custom-created REI Audio Tracks. One track per week for six weeks, these custom tracks employ progressive stimulation techniques made just for you and your responses to the music. Because no two people are the same, you require unique stimulus to achieve the best results.

• Unlimited client support to make sure that you are indeed getting the best stimulation for your needs. We work closely with you to make certain you see significant improvements.

• 7 Brain Shift Radio audio downloads that can be used anytime you want additional benefits. These tracks include: Noisy Room Sleep, Revving-up Focus, Energy Boost, PowerNap Mix, Memory Boost, Big Round Calm, and Mood Lifter.

• Jeff Strong's Different Drummer book download to give you an understanding of how REI developed and how to best implement your program.

The REI Custom Focus Program is Easy to Use

The REI Custom Focus Program requires no training or special equipment. Simply:

Play Your REI Custom Focus track once a day.

You can stream or download from your phone, tablet or computer. Tracks average between 22 and 26 minutes.

Play the track quietly in the background.

There is no need to actively listen to the music or to use headphones. 

Check in with us at the recommended intervals.

You will receive an email every seven days asking you to complete your track adjustment feedback.

Get Started with Your REI Custom Focus Program Today

Order now and receive instant access to your REI Client Center where you can answer the custom program intake questionnaire (takes just a few minutes). We will review your intake and deliver your first track to your account in a couple of hours. In the meantime you can download your bonus audio and Jeff Strong's Different Drummer book. 

Regularly $299

Now Just $149

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


What People Are Saying About Rhythmic Entrainment Intervention (REI)

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“Her attention span has increased since starting REI...”

“Our daughter has had very few temper tantrums. She is also developing the ability to stop herself and calm herself down, usually within about one minute of when the recording starts.

She’s been getting along much better with her brothers and sisters. Her attention span has increased--she can sit quietly and read a book for longer periods of time. She’s paying attention more in school and staying on task.”

Lisa D.
- Mother of an 8-year-old with ADD

“We turned on the music and he responded instantly...”

“When we had the CD made, we put it in while he was in a session with his craniosacral therapist. He responded instantly! His system was calming down, and to the surprise of his therapist, he started vocalizing. …

We went from nothing to something with vocalizing… He is now starting to put sentences together, and I’m very pleased.”

Leslie J.
- Mother of a 19 year-old with autism
John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer
“I'm getting more done...”

“He is so much sharper...”

“I would definitely recommend (the REI Custom Program™), absolutely. I think the children that have these certain issues benefit from all kinds of therapies and interventions and this is one we’ve seen-- like I said, the fog has lifted in so many ways. He seems so much sharper."

Nancy D.
- Mother of a 7 year-old with PDD
John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

He is focusing better...”

"Since beginning the REI Program, My husband is less forgetful, more organized, and more cheerful. He's whistling for the first time in years, a sign that he's happy. He's taking the initiative to play his CDs everyday. I'm so grateful to have my old husband around again."

Barbara Z.

- Wife of 67 year-old with AD/HD and mood issues

“Her frustration level has improved greatly… Her concentration has improved. She’s more willing now to try new things. [It] makes a difference. Also her writing has improved… It was pulling together; I couldn’t believe it.”
John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

“He is a pleasure to be around...”

“There are real positive changes. He actually gave me a REAL hug – without prompting. His hugs are usually a little pat on the back… He is more polite, easier to talk to, more attentive, and more focused. He’s a pleasure to be around.”

Linda M.

- Grandmother of 14 year-old with AD/HD and opposition behavior

Jeff Strong
Creator of Rhythmic Entrainment Intervention (REI)

About the Program Creator

Jeff Strong is the creator of Rhythmic Entrainment Intervention™ (REI) and the Director and CEO of the Strong Institute, a research center and provider of evidence-based custom auditory brain stimulation programs. He is also the co-founder of Brain Shift Radio, a streaming music site containing personalized music to enhance brain function.

Jeff is a percussionist, composer, recording engineer, researcher, clinician, and a sought-after expert on the therapeutic use of rhythm. He is the best-selling author of eight books, including AD/HD For Dummies and Different Drummer: One Man’s Music and Its Impact on ADD, Anxiety, and Autism.

Your REI Custom Focus Program Centers on Increasing Focused Attention

Stimulating the Brain with REI often leads to improvements in a variety of other areas including:

  • Cognition
  • Mood
  • Sensory Processing
  • Memory
  • Impulsivity
  • Sociability

Independent Studies Show REI Music Improves Attention

Two recent independent third-party studies examined Rhythmic Entrainment Intervention (REI) music, to increase focused attention. One study compared BSR music to the AD/HD stimulant medication, Ritalin, using a Continuous Performance Test (the T.O.V.A.) for an adult with Attention Deficit Disorder while the other study used a blinded placebo-controlled format for elementary-age children in a classroom setting.

REI Music Beats Ritalin for Sustaining Attention in an Adult with ADD

This study (1) compared REI drumming rhythms to two different doses of the ADD stimulant medication, Ritalin (10mg and 20mg). Using quantitative measures of scores from the Test of Variables of Attention (T.O.V.A.), four conditions were examined: Baseline (no meds or music), 10mg of Ritalin taken 90 minutes before the test, 20mg of Ritalin taken 90 minutes before the test, and while listening to REI music rhythms.

The subject's baseline score was -12.74, putting him squarely in the AD/HD camp (anything below a score of 0.00 suggests attention problems).

His score with 10mg of Ritalin was a slightly improved -6.60 while his 20mg Ritalin score showed a significant improvement with a score of -3.47.

His score when listening to the REI focusing music, the same tracks you will find in the Focus category of Brain Shift Radio, were a near normal score of -1.87.

This improvement was nearly 50% greater than the better of the Ritalin scores.

These results suggest that REI offers a strong alternative to Ritalin (and other stimulant medications used for ADD).

The advantages of BSR music include an absence of side-effects, individual customization to achieve the optimal stimulation level for each person, and improved sustained attention.

You can read the entire study here​

REI Music Improves Concentration in Elementary School Children

This study (2) examined 100 elementary-aged children in a double-blind, placebo-controlled format. Students performed four separate CPTs (Continuous Performance Tests), consisting of two tests with no music and two tests with either a placebo music recording or REI music tracks. Children were randomly assigned to the placebo or REI test group.

The results showed a significant improvement in attention for those who listened to the REI recording over both the silence and placebo conditions. The silence group produced an average score of 23, the placebo group scored at 31, and the REI Rhythm group scored an average of 68.

These results have been encouraging enough that Brain Shift Radio has invested tremendous time and energy developing a next-level study to further explore the efficacy of REI rhythms and the delivery of BSR music.

You can read the entire study here​

REI Music Attention Tests Move Music Research a Step Forward

With our REI music Continuous Performance Test at Brain Shift Radio, we are moving music research forward by conducting the largest study ever done on music for focusing.

Our attention tests were built using standardized, quantitative testing methods on an expanding platform which will allow us to collect and analyze limitless data with a goal of using this data to not only determine whether music can improve focused attention but also which techniques offer the most significant results for each population group.

Thousands of Tests = Some amazing results

Since we launched the CPT initiative, thousand of people have taken the test. The results we've seen are 3.6 times better than the most popular study on music for cognition (and the number of people who have taken our test is hundreds of times more than this study) (3).

As an overview, the average error-rate reduction was 36.73% with improvements falling fairly consistently across the three error types.

These are significant numbers and suggest that listening to Brain Shift Radio when you need to focus may help you sustain your attention.

We saw reductions in all three error rates – detection, commission and omission – with the BSR music (stimulated) condition compared to the silence (control) condition.

Detection errors (Detect): The silence (control) condition error rate was 12.42. The BSR music (stimulated) condition showed an error rate of 8.69. This is a 3.73 or 30.0% reduction of errors.

Commission errors (Comm): The silence (control) condition error rate was .73. The BSR music (stimulated) condition showed an error rate of .39. This is a .34 or 46.5% reduction of errors.

Omission errors: The silence (control) condition error rate was 11.58. The BSR music (stimulated) condition showed an error rate of 7.67. This is a 3.91 or 33.7% reduction of errors.

Fastest click: For the silence (control) condition the fastest click speed was 383 ms. The BSR music (stimulated) condition showed an average click speed of 355 ms (milliseconds). This is a 28 ms or 7.3% slower click-time.

Slowest click: For the silence (control) condition the slowest click speed was 968 ms. The BSR music (stimulated) condition showed an average click speed of 932 ms. This is a 36ms or 3.7% faster click-time.

Average click: Of the three click speeds the average offers us the best data. For the silence (control) condition the average click speed was 608 ms. The BSR music (stimulated) condition showed an average click speed of 579 ms. This is a 31 ms or 5.1% faster click-time.

The REI Custom Focus Program is Your Complete Attention and Executive Function Solution

• 6 Custom-created REI Audio Tracks. 

Big Round Calm Audio Download

PowerNap Mix Audio Download

Energy Boost Audio Download

Different Drummer Book Download

Unlimited Client Support.

Noisy Room Sleep Audio Download

Revving Up Focus Audio Download

Memory Boost Audio Download

Mood Lifter Audio Download

Regularly $299

Now Just $149

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Frequently Asked Questions About REI

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