Drum Healing Live! May 3-5, 2019
The Drum Healing Live!

3-Day Intensive in Santa Fe, New Mexico, May 3-5, 2019

For an intensive 3 days, we will explore the roots of rhythm healing. Experiential. Immersive. Kinesthetic. We will move through cultures and history and into the science and clinical application of rhythm. Jumping from Shamanism, Shango, ceremonial drumming, and trance drumming, I will bring you into the deep seat of rhythm healing.

You will learn why certain rhythms calm the body while others focus the brain.

You will learn how to play the drum for healing and self-care using chakra drumming rhythms.

You will feel the power of the drum in your mind and your body.

I will play. You will play. We will play together.

You will meditate, journey, and heal. This is the very root of rhythm, the core of being one with the drum.

You Receive Immediate Access to the Online Drum Healing Course Content
Bonuses ($476 total value)
#1: REI Custom High Performance Program ($397 value)
#2: Copy of Different Drummer book in PDF form ($10 value)
#3: Seven Brain Shift Radio member mix downloads ($69 value)
#4: 6 additional weeks of meditation videos for 12 weeks total