Discover the Healing Power of Drumming

Drum Healing Workshop

Free Video Series Recap

Video 1:

Deepen Your Meditations

Explore an ancient technique used for tens of thousands of years to help you instantly achieve  meditative states usually only accessed after years of meditation study.

Video 2:

Enhance Your Creativity and Intuition

Discover a simple rhythm to drive your brain to a mid-theta state where intuition and creativity are enhanced.

Video 3:

Uplift Your Mood and Improve Your Calm and Focus

Learn an ancient rhythm to uplift your mood and discover how to improve your calm and focus with drumming.

Do You Want to Play the Drum For Healing?

Have you ever been in a drum circle and felt something powerful awaken inside of you but didn't know where to go next?

Have you been drawn to the drum hoping to support your personal journey but didn't know where to start?

Are you a healer wanting to add a drum to your practice?

Here is your chance to discover the healing power of drumming.

Join Drum Healer Jeff Strong in his transformational Drum Healing Program.