Accelerate Your Spiritual Journey

Drumming the Chakras

Free Video Series Recap

Video 1:

Open Your Heart

Play a 4th chakra rhythm and explore a 6 beat-per-second meditation to assess your 4th chakra energy.

Video 2:

Enhance Your Psychic Senses

Discover a 6th chakra rhythm and experience a 4 beat-per-second meditation to access a spirit guide to support your 6th chakra abilities.

Video 3:

Balance Your Chakra System

Enjoy this Chakra Energizing Meditation played at 8 beats-per-second.

• Have you ever been in a drum circle and felt something powerful awaken inside of you but didn't know where to go next?

• Have you been drawn to the drum hoping to support your spiritual journey but didn't know where to start?

• Are you a healer or spiritual leader wanting to add a drum to your work?

If any of these describe you, then the Drumming the Chakras Course is for you.

This innovative course explores the spiritual side of drumming using the chakra energy system as a point of reference. This 5-week, 10-module course is a deep-dive into rhythms and techniques that stimulate, open, and balance the chakra system and auric field. This course also dives deep into how to use drumming to access your spiritual power.

You also receive a ton of meditations and exercises to help you discover the nuances of how your chakras are running and how to optimize them for your personal growth.