Drum Healing 6-Week Training Program
The Drum Healing Training Program

 6-week course consists of three weekly components;

1. Weekly training video covering the topic exploring the history, science and my experiences from over 30+ years exploring the topic
2. Weekly technique videos and PDF downloads with rhythms to help you progressively develop your skills
3. Weekly meditation videos that align with the weekly topic to deepen your personal connection
Pre-Program Session: About drums
Week 1: Foundations of Drum Healing
Week 2: Shamanic Drumming
Week 3: Trance Drumming
Week 4: Community and Ceremonial Drumming
Week 5: Rhythm-healing - Intro
Week 6: Rhythm-healing - Connecting
Bonuses ($675 total value)
#1: REI Custom High Performance Program ($399 value)
#2: Copy of Different Drummer book in PDF form ($10 value)
#3: Seven Brain Shift Radio member mix downloads ($69 value)
#4: 6 additional weeks of meditation videos for 12 weeks total ($197 value)