Calming Rhythms in Both Physical CD and Digital Download Formats

Order Now And Receive A Special Bonus REI Custom Calm Track ($59 value)

Your Custom REI Calming track is custom-made just for you based on an intake questionnaire.


Calming Rhythms has three tracks on it, each with a slightly different effect. All of them will create neurological calm but one may work best for you in one situation over another. Calming Rhythm includes:

* Track #1: Many of our clients find that the first track is most beneficial for ending a tantrum or feelings of acute anxiety. 

* Track #2: This track adds an element of deep centeredness for many people and is especially effective for high arousal, easily over-stimulated listeners.

* Track #3: This track creates a more focused calm, one that can aid with activities where you prefer to be attentive to what you are doing or thinking. It is also a more appropriate track for low arousal, slow-to-respond listeners.