The Strong Institute is a music-medicine organization focusing on the effects of musical rhythm on the central nervous system. Rhythmic Entrainment Intervention is the best intervention we‘ve tried for our son. Thank you for making this therapy available! Helen G. - Edina, MN Mother of a 9 year-old with autism “Our daughter’s teachers in school have noticed a drastic change in her over the past month - a very positive change... I would highly recommend this program!” Lisa D. - Fargo, ND Mother of a 9 year-old with AD/HD “With the REI Custom Program, we have seen so many changes in our son. I would recommend this therapy very highly. It has brought our son out of the silence, the world we can only imagine. For that I thank you.” Roxanne T. - Jacksonville, FL Mother of an 11 year old with autism “Our son is more cooperative, calm, focused, and makes fewer noises [since starting the REI Custom Program]. He is also showing more social interaction at school. He has talked more about friends and he’s initiating play with others.” Martha W. - Salem, OR Mother of a 9 year-old with AD/HD