Mobile device instructions

There are many ways to download the REI Custom Program tracks to your mobile devices. All you need is a file manager app.


For Android: Go to Google play and download ES File Explorer:

Or Download it from amazon:

(here is a tutorial to put the app on a device:

To download the audio file:
2. Tap Download. The track may begin playing. If it is Tap Pause to Stop playback.
3. Let it download.
4. Once it is downloaded, open the ES File Exporter app.
5. Choose Search from the menu and type in Download.
6. Click the Download folder to expand and you'll see the track.
7. Click the track and then select the ES media player to play the track. I suggest checking the box that says "Set as default" so you won't get this screen again.
8. Open the ES File Exporter app and click the track name each time you want to listen.

Apple iOS

For Apple iOS: Download Documents 5 by Readdle from the App Store:

Once you download it, follow these steps:

1. Open the Documents app

2. Choose Settings (the little gear icon in the upper left of the app).

3. Choose Browser from the options.

4. Under User Agent choose Google Chrome.

5. Close the settings window (tap Close in the upper left of the window).

6. Choose Browser from the main menu on the left

7. Navigate to

8. A Save File Window will open, Tap Done to begin the download. You can monitor the download by tapping on the Downloads button to the right of the web address window (this is the down-pointing arrow).

9. When file is downloaded it will appear in the Documents folder located in Documents option from the main menu. This menu is accessed by tapping the icon with the three horizontal lines in the upper left of the app window.

10. If you want to put your track on iCloud simply drag the file into the iCloud Menu option. It is now on your iCloud account. Please note: if you want the file to go to iCloud by default choose this option from the Setting menu when you are changing the User Agent in the Browser options menu described in Step 3 above).choose View File. Again, a new browser tab will open and the track will play.