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Read Different Drummer Book On Amazon Prime, Kindle Unlimited, and PDF for Free

DD-Front-cover-25The Different Drummer book about the development and implementation of REI has been getting great reviews. It is now available to read for free on Kindle with a Prime Membership or Kindle Unlimited subscription, or as a PDF download.

There are currently 13 5-star Reviews on

Special Needs Book Review recently did a feature on Jeff Strong’s memoir and REI.

Special Needs Book review begins by stating that Different Drummer  “is an engaging and informative memoir.” They continue with:

“Have you ever heard of ‘fidget-to-focus’? Well it seems drumming can impact attention also. Jeff Strong noticed that he wasn’t just focusing better while he drummed, he felt more focused afterward. The residual focusing effect was the basis of exploring the drumming for focus. Different Drummer chronicles his path as he navigates ancient drumming practices, conducts clinical research, and develops the music that establishes him as a pioneer in the world of auditory brain stimulation over three decades.”

One Case Study of great interest to our team at Special Needs Book Review is the following: REI for 11 year-old with tics, anxiety, and sleep issues because on our team we have an adult and a grandchild who have Tourette syndrome. A paragraph from this study is very encouraging: “Tics: Before REI, Michael’s tics were near-constant and impacted his life significantly. The vocal tics – grunting and throat-clearing – were especially bothersome because they impacted him negatively in social situations. With these gone and the motor tics much reduced, he is now more comfortable interacting with his peers and is receiving less negative peer attention.”

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Download a PDF or read on Kindle for free

We recently added Different Drummer to the Amazon Kindle Select program. This means that if you have Amazon Prime or a Kindle Unlimited subscription you can read the book for free.

You can find the Kindle version on Amazon here

We don’t want to leave non-amazon people out, so for a limited time we are offering a PDF download of the book for free on our website.

You can download the PDF here